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SK EN 50243:2010

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SK EN 50243:2010
Status: Published
Gjuha: English
Faqe: 23
Publikuar: 2010-10-06
Regjistri Kombëtar:
Standardet ndërkombëtare që kanë lidhje
This standard is identical to:
EN 50243:2002
Çmim: 25 €

Titulli Shqip

Izolatorët e jashtëm të kalimit për 24 kV dhe 36 kV dhe për 5 kA dhe 8 kA, për transformatorët e mbushur me lëng

Titulli Anglisht

Outdoor bushings for 24 kV and 36 kV and for 5 kA and 8 kA, for liquid filled transformers

Scope Shqip

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Scope Anglisht

This standard is applicable to ceramic insulated outdoor bushings for highest voltages for equipment of 24 kV and 36 kV, with rated currents of 5 kA and 8 kA and frequencies from 15 Hz up to 60 Hz for insulating liquid filled transformers. This standard establishes dimensions to ensure interchangeability and adequate mounting of bushings. Two types of construction are specified, type A and type B, both types for highest voltages for equipment 24 kV and 36 kV and rated currents of 5 kA and 8 kA. The mechanical stresses of the conductor tube make the difference between type A and type B. The conductor tube of type A is axially and radially fixed in the top of the bushing. The inner line terminal of the transformer can be flexible and without any special support for the lower end of the conductor tube. In case of type B, the conductor tube is only radially fixed in the top of the bushing. In that case, a rigid support has to be mounted to fix the lower end of the conductor tube (for example, in combination with a drip proofed sealing end). The drip proofed sealing end is often required in the service requirements. In this case, it is not possible to use type A because of the existing double fixation. Therefore, both bushing types A and B have to be specified. The condition for the usage of type B is that the drip prooved sealing end is able to withstand the mechanical stress in axial direction.

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