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SK EN ISO 10343:2016

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SK EN ISO 10343:2016
Status: Published
Gjuha: English
Faqe: 12
Publikuar: 2016-07-20
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This standard is identical to:
EN ISO 10343:2014
CEN/TC 170
This standard is identical to:
ISO 10343:2009
ISO/TC 172/SC 7
Çmim: 17 €

Titulli Shqip

Instrumente oftalmike - Oftalmometrat (ISO 10343:2014)

Titulli Anglisht

Ophthalmic instruments - Ophthalmometers (ISO 10343:2014)

Scope Shqip

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Scope Anglisht

ISO 10343:2009, together with ISO 15004-1, specifies requirements and test methods for continuously or digitally indicating ophthalmometers. Certain types of ophthalmometer are capable of measuring radii of curvature of contact lenses as described in ISO 18369-3:2006, 4.1. It is assumed that the local corneal front surface and both contact lens surfaces are spherical or toroidal. ISO 10343:2009 takes priority over ISO 15004-1, if differences exist.

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