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Faza: 20 - Preparatory stage
Filloj: 2022-02-28
Mbaroj: 2022-02-28

Standardet ndërkombëtare që kanë lidhje
This standard is identical to: EN 1090-3:2019 CEN/TC 135

Titulli Shqip

Realizim i konstruksioneve prej çeliku dhe alumini - Pjesa 3: Kërkesat teknike për strukturat e aluminit

Titulli Anglisht

Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 3: Technical requirements for aluminium structures

Scope Shqip

Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

Scope Anglisht

This document specifies requirements for the execution of aluminium structural components and structures made from: a) rolled sheet, strip and plate; b) extrusions; c) cold drawn rod, bar and tube; d) forgings; e) castings. NOTE 1 The execution of structural components is referred to as manufacturing, in accordance with EN 1090-1. This document specifies requirements independent of the type and shape of the aluminium structure, and this document is applicable to structures under predominantly static loads as well as structures subject to fatigue. It specifies requirements related to the execution classes that are linked with consequence classes. NOTE 2 Consequence classes are defined in EN 1990. NOTE 3 Recommendations for selection of execution class in relation to consequence class are given in EN 1999-1-1. This document covers components made of constituent products with thickness not less than 0,6 mm for welded components not less than 1,5 mm. For components made from cold formed profiled sheeting that are within the scope of EN 1090-5, the requirements of EN 1090-5 take precedence over corresponding requirements in this document. This document applies to structures designed according to the relevant parts of EN 1999. If this document is used for structures designed according to other design rules or used for other alloys and tempers not covered by EN 1999, a judgement of the reliability elements in these design rules is intended to be made. This document specifies requirements for surface preparation prior to application of a protective treatment, and gives guidelines for application for such treatment in an informative annex. This document gives options for specifying requirements to match project specific requirements. This document is also applicable to temporary aluminium structures.

Komitetet Teknike



Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

Veprim Kombëtar

prSK EN 1090-3:2022 replaces SK EN 1090-3:2014 - 2021-01-19

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