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DS CEN TR 15868:2010

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DS CEN TR 15868:2010
Status: Withdrawn
Gjuha: English
Faqe: 138
Publikuar: 2010-09-02
I tërhequr: 2022-08-29
Regjistri Kombëtar: 421/2022
Standardet ndërkombëtare që kanë lidhje
This standard is identical to:
CEN/TR 15868:2009
CEN/TC 104
Çmim: 55 €

Titulli Shqip

Survejimi i kërkesave kombëtare të përdorura në lidhje me EN 206 -1 : 2000

Titulli Anglisht

Survey of national requirements used in conjunction with EN 206-1:2000

Scope Shqip

Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

Scope Anglisht

This CEN Report provides a summary of national requirements used with EN 206-1:2000. The aims of this CEN Report are to: a) provide a picture of how EN 206-1 is being applied in practice; b) identify areas where EN 206-1 is being interpreted in different ways; c) identify areas where CEN Member Countries have found simplification to be necessary; d) identify additional national requirements; e) show areas where CEN Member Countries have found it necessary to override the requirements of EN 206-1. EN 206-1 uses the phrase ‘national provisions’. However, recent CEN Guidance wishes to retain this term for regulatory requirements only. This survey uses the term ‘national requirements’ to include regulations, standards and other documents that form the basis of local practice. As a summary of national requirements, the information in this CEN Report is incomplete and may have been subject to later revisons. It is insufficient and not intended to provide the basis for design and specification: for this the national requirements (see Table 1.1) should be studied. Table 1.1 identifies CEN Member Countries who did not respond to the questionnaire. The other tables in this CEN Report only include information from CEN Member Countries who responded and CEN Member Countries who did not respond are not identified.

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Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

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Asnjë informacion i shtuar.