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DS CEN/TS 13001-3-5:2013

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DS CEN/TS 13001-3-5:2013
Status: Withdrawn
Gjuha: English
Faqe: 82
Publikuar: 2013-09-13
I tërhequr: 2019-12-04
Regjistri Kombëtar: 109/2013
Standardet ndërkombëtare që kanë lidhje
This standard is identical to:
CEN/TS 13001-3-5:2010
CEN/TC 147
Çmim: 48 €

Titulli Shqip

Vinçat -Projektimi i përgjithshëm -Pjesa 3 -5 : Gjendjet kufitare dhe prova e aftësisë mbajtëse të kanxhave të farkëtuara

Titulli Anglisht

Cranes - General design - Part 3-5: Limit states and proof of competence of forged hooks

Scope Shqip

Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

Scope Anglisht

This Technical Specification should be used together with the other relevant parts of the standard series. As such, they specify general conditions, requirements and methods to prevent hazards in hooks as part of all types of cranes. This Technical Specification covers the following parts of hooks and types of hooks: - bodies of any type of point hooks made of steel forgings; - machined shanks of hooks with a thread/nut suspension. NOTE 1 Principles of this Technical Specification can be applied to other types of shank hooks and also where stress concentration factors relevant to that shank construction are determined and used. Plate hooks, which are those, assembled of one or several parallel parts of rolled steel plates are not covered in this Technical Specification. This Technical Specification is applicable to hooks from materials with ultimate strength of no more than 800 N/mm2 and yield stress of no more than 600 N/mm2. The following is a list of significant hazardous situations and hazardous events that could result in risks to persons during normal use and foreseeable misuse. Clauses 4 to 8 of this document are necessary to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with the following hazards: a) Exceeding the limits of strength (yield, ultimate, fatigue); b) Exceeding temperature limits of material; c) Unintentional disengagement of the load from the hook. The requirements of this Technical Specification are stated in the main body of the document and are applicable to hook designs in general. The hook body and shank designs listed in Annexes A, B and G are only examples and should not be referred to as requirements of this Technical Specification. This Technical Specification is applicable to cranes, which are manufactured after the date of approval of this standard by CEN, and serves as a reference base for product standards of particular crane types. NOTE 2 This CEN/TS 13001-3-5 deals only with the limit state method in accordance with EN 1300

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Asnjë informacion i shtuar.

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Vinçat -Projektimi i përgjithshëm -Pjesa 3 -2 : Gjendjet kufitare dhe prova e aftësisë mbajtëse të kavove në sistemet e pulexhove